Time for change?

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them.  Take the opportunity to make the change you would like to have happen.

Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?  Don’t wait for the perfect moment.  Take the moment and make it perfect.

Find your path | Erradiate limiting beliefs | Feel empowered | Have confidence | Inspire others

  • Group workshops and personal development training

  • One to One Coaching

Free Consultation

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Free Consultation

Aspire to be: Group workshops and Personal Development training

NLP Coaching Practitioner

Discover your true potential and put plans for change into place.  This course is the difference that makes the difference – A ship in the harbour is safe but it’s not what it was built for.  This course doesn’t end on day 6, join our supportive community for help and guidance as you start to put the new tools to good use.

Latest dates:  (6 days) 21-23 February, 21-23 March 2018

Career Development C3PO

“I’ve been climbing the career ladder for years just never knew against which wall to place the ladder”. If this sounds familiar, or you have other career challenges/opportunities this course is for you.

Latest dates: TBA

Personalised Coaching Packages

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth. Its goal orientated, forward thinking and results driven.  “To observe a client’s “mind shift” is one of the biggest privileges i’ll ever experience…” Kerry Nickols

We tailor our packages to meet your needs.  Please contact us for a free consultation.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not sure of the road to travel, knowing there is a desire for change is enough for us explore options best for you.  Our packages can be run face to face, via Skype or telephone and generally fall into one of three categories:

2 x 1.5 hour Breakthrough Coaching sessions

6 x 1 hour Coaching sessions

12 x 1 hour Coaching sessions