Take the pressure off your managers, boost health and wellbeing, improve productivity and develop a positive culture.

We enable you to create a coaching culture within your organisation.  Whichever product(s) you choose with us, your staff will continue to benefit from our growing community of like minded individuals.

  • Coaching as a Flexible Benefit

  • Create a culture of coaching

  • Personal Development training

  • Executive and Team Coaching

  • Public Speaking

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Coaching as a flexible benefit

Coaching has and continues to be on an upward trajectory and much more in the mainstream.

What we offer is a flexible benefit that is new and innovative. That meets the needs of employees in a simple, streamlined and cost effective manner.  We offer a coaching package of 6 sessions with the first introductory session free.

As an employer you have peace of mind that our coaches all have memberships to the Association for Coaching and/or The International Federation of Coaches and are also NLP Master Practitioners.

There is a fixed discounted price for the 6 sessions.

Create a culture of coaching

Knowledgeably Ltd train staff to be Corporate coaches and/or NLP Practitioners.  Once certificated, staff will benefit from a community of practice made up of fellow Corporate coaches and NLP Practitioners across the industry.

Here’s the why: On a corporate level, coaching has been accessible for the few and not the many, yet there are huge demands on staff. Training and development is moving towards an online “broad brush” delivery model.  Health and wellbeing is a priority and yet most interventions for those suffering from stress are reactive therapies.  Managers are being told to “coach” their staff  but they will undoubtedly have their own agenda – this is like getting relationship advice from your other half.

By creating a culture of coaching we internalise those invaluable coaching skills so that staff are supported, that they have the motivation and ability to manage their own careers and their development – making it truly personal.

Richard Branson said “train your staff well enough that they can leave and treat them well enough that they stay”.  

Personal Development training

Personal development just got personal!  We tailor our training programmes to meet your needs in the organisation.

Executive and Team Coaching

Do you have an Executive who is looking to develop, has a specific goal to work on?  Perhaps a team that is heading in a new direction or is newly formed.  Please contact us for more information.

Public Speaking

Kerry has a lighthearted and funny way of explaining her take on subjects such as communication, feedback and accountability.  Please enquire for more information and availability.