Our vision is to provide the tools to enable positive change, personal growth and success. It’s perpetual motion – our clients then become a community of people that support each other and inspire those around them to make a difference.

“I get why individuals may like personal development training and/or coaching but why would Corporates be interested?”

For some, measurement will be in the job satisfaction surveys, others will take a more “bottom line” view.  Either way the following do more than just tick those boxes:

  • It’s a myth that Managers can coach their staff – it’s like asking for relationship advice from your partner – they have their own agenda. They can use coaching styles but very rarely can they coach. Competing priorities often being number one challenge.
  • Health and wellbeing: is still heavily weighted on help and intervention after an issue has manifested itself. Coaching is a preventative measure.
  • Regulators across the world are scrutinising the Industry’s culture. We need to stand tall again. I have too many friends in the industry who tell “white lies” in terms of what they do for a career – fearing the backlash.
  • Recruitment: It saddens me when I hear that talented people wouldn’t “touch our industry with a barge pole”. We are now competing on a different stage – with FinTechs and the likes of Google and Apple.
  • Retention & Diversity: I think we’re moving in the right direction in terms of digitalisation and innovation but not setting the right frameworks for our people in order to succeed.
  • Continued growth: I’m not saying we have a coach waiting in the wings for every hurdle but I am saying that with a base of tools and techniques for self-development and to coach others we create a self-sustaining model of continued growth. We make it a mind-set.

I’ve always thought that the role of a coach is similar to the mission of a charity. It’s to no longer be needed. Some may say that’s an awful business model but do not fear we have a way to go yet 🙂 .