Kerry Nickols - Founder

A few words from our Founder:

If I had to choose my 7 highest values in terms of my business it would be integrity, accountability, community, growth (personal and professional), communication, mischief and fun.  Topping all of this is my passion and purpose – to help others succeed.

I am in a privileged position combining my lengthy career in the Financial Services Industry with being a Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Public Speaker and Trainer.  What does this mean?  Ultimately, that I am on the journey with you.  Our training doesn’t end when we leave the room – join our growing community of like minded souls.  Our coaching style is to give people more than a coaching session, they get to learn the tools in order to help others or to”pay forward” their skills.  This is an Industry I’m passionate about but the industry is very little without the people.  Fascinating bunch aren’t we – resilient, creative, innovative and a drive to be successful.  Each one of us deserves to succeed.

“If you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right…” – Henry Ford.

NLP Training & Coaching

I love my job. It’s purposeful, I can be me, I work with the best people and it’s fun. Here’s what some of our newly certified NLP Practitioners have said.

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